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MoonWalker PhotosPhotojournalist Neil Armstrong (aka: Moonwalker) currently lives between Taiwan, California and Australia but spent his formative schooling years in NZ and the UK – which would account for his absurd, dry and cynical sense of humour. He lives for the thrill of long plane flights, enjoys handing over fistfuls of cash for excess baggage payments (due to an ongoing addiction to expensive camera gear) and has a horrible fetish for airline foods. He uses the guise of surf photojournalism to feed these urges.

Currently Consulting Editor of Pacific Longboarder Magazine in OZ and Editor of Oceans Magazine in Taiwan, Moonwalker spends about six months of the year on the road and takes great glee at shouting instructions at pro surfers on shoots around the world – it makes him feel very important. Oh, he sometimes surfs too.