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Neil Armstrong brings his rich knowledge of all things surfing to his photos and words. He is one of surfing's most prolific journalists, getting behind the scenes with lens and pen to bring well-thought freshness to surf journalism.
Moonwalker is an accomplished surfer (long, short and SUP), skills he summons to enliven his pages, whether it be with precisely-the-right-moment photos of his subjects or first-hand warts-and-all accounts of some of the world's most popular and obscure surfers and surf destinations.
The exposure and appreciation that modern-day women's surfing - especially women's longboarding - enjoys today has a lot to do with Moonwalker's images and writing."
Jim Regan – Senior Correspondent - Reuters, Sydney.

Neil has a rare ability where, whether he likes it or not, his personality completely informs and infects his art-form. Like the man himself, his photography is intrepid, bold, colourful, funny and deep."
Jimmy O’Keefe – Editor: Worldprosurfers.com; former Editor: Australian Surfing Life.

"Who is Moonwalker?" Are you serious?! Who hasn't run across this brilliant photojournalist who's synapses fire faster than a roadrunner's; the guy is on it! He's on the water, in the water, up the beach, down the beach... then hiking way back for that mouthwatering point break overview everybody will be talking about 58 years from now. And that's all before lunch. He's waxing up for a go-out when the light is washed out at midday - but count on the shutter to be firing as the glow gets low, late in the day towards the ‘magic hour.’ This man delivers beyond expectations, and his name is Neil 'Moonwalker' Armstrong."
Clay Feeter - Publisher, Standup Journal (USA & Worldwide)

"Moonwalker has worked with us on many productions and is a very versatile and easygoing photographer.
He is a troubadour of the surf world, however his photographic and writing skills have spilled over into a variety of projects with us and always with highly impressive results."
Sam Robinson – Director, Wildbuchmedia.com

"Moonwalker’s art-work transcends the mundane and he gets to the heart of his subjects; be it a wave, location or professional surfer. All surfers and non-surfers can feel something special about his writings and photographs."
Kei Ikeda – Consulting Editor: NALU Magazine. (Japan)

"Moonwalker's photos captivate me and his photography captures the essence of a surf trip perfectly."
Louise Searle – Editor: SurfGirl Magazine (UK)

“Great surfers, great locations, great angles - Moonwalker is one of the best!”
Chris Power – Editor: Carve Magazine (UK)

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